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Event | Greenville's Favorite Holiday Run
Updated for 2018 Event
Early Bib Pick Up/Registration
KROC Center, 424 Westfield Street
Dec. 14, 2PM-7PM
Bib Pick Up/Registration
KROC Center
Holiday Costume Contest

Start Line Stage, Westfield Street
Santa Run – 8:45AM
Jingle Trot – 9:05AM

Start Times

Westfield Street at KROC Entrance
Santa Run – 9AM
Jingle Trot – 9:15AM

Post Race Activities
KROC Center Cafe
Awards Booth
Santa Run Finish Line


Start Line

The start line for ALL events is on Westfield Street at the KROC Center entrance. There is NO PARKING at the KROC Center. All parking is on Hudson Street including Whittenburg Elementary, Hudson Street parking lots, and the large field adjacent to Hudson (accessed via Welborn Street). PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY TO ENJOY OUR PRE-RACE ACTIVITIES AND AVOID PARKING RELATED STRESS.


Finish Line Locations

Santa Run Finish


The Santa Run finish line is on the KROC soccer field. Runners will exit the Swamp Rabbit Trail at the sidewalk leading to Whittenburg Elementary, then drift onto the grass between the sidewalk and field. The finish is at the center of the field between the two inflatable Santas. Post race activities including refreshments and awards will take place inside the KROC Center.

Jingle Trot Finish


The Jingle Trot finish line is on Welborn Street (off S. Hudson Street) one block north of the KROC Center. Runners will exit the Swamp Rabbit Trail and turn right on S. Hudson Street, then turn left on Welborn Street. The finish line is several hundred feet from the last turn. Refreshments will be served to dogs and owners in the large field adjacent to the finish line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated for 2018 Event


How do I register?

All registration is online at You may register with credit card, cash or check at Friday packet pick up. You may also register on race day but we only accept cash or check. Sorry, there is no mail-in registration.

What do I receive with my race entry?

Santa Run participants who signed up for the Premium Package will get a race packet, bib, custom buff and souvenir Christmas ornament. Santa Run registrants who signed up for the “Under 13” option will receive a packet and bib only. Jingle Trot participants will receive a race packet, bib, imprinted dog bandana and souvenir Christmas ornament.

Can I get a refund, deferral, or transfer my entry?

If you are unable to participate, you may give your race number to another person. We do not give refunds or deferrals (rain checks).

Can I register on race day?

Yes, you may register on race day, but we strongly recommend registering early for the best price and to be guaranteed giveaways and souvenirs.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, for groups of 15 or more. Please contact the race director for instructions.

How do I sign up as Corporate Shield participant?

Sorry but currently the Santa Run is not a Corporate Shield event. We’re working on it!


When will results be posted?

The Santa Run 5K results will be available at the AWARDS BOOTH at the finish line. Official results will be posted ON THIS WEBSITE as soon as they become available. There are no results/awards for the Jingle Trot.

Who do I contact with questions about the results?

Please check the official results once they are posted on this website. Often, the mistakes have been corrected by then. If a problem still exists, contact the race timing company (contact information will be shown on the results page).

When will the awards be given out?

Overall, Masters, Grandmasters and Age Group awards for the Santa Run 5K will be given out at the AWARDS BOOTH near the finish line. There will not be a formal awards ceremony. Please check in at the AWARDS BOOTH to learn your placement in the race and pick up your award.

Are awards based on GUN TIME or CHIP TIME?

All awards are determined by GUN TIME.

Do you offer prize money?

Sorry, we don’t offer prize money but we have cool awards. Don’t leave the race without your award!


Where can I find course maps?

The course maps for the Santa Run 5K and the Jingle Trot 2-miler are shown on the Courses page on this website.

Are the courses hilly?

The Santa Run 5K course is slightly hilly. The Jingle Trot course is less so. The courses are considerably flatter than the previously used Santa Run 5K route through Cleveland Park.

Where are the restrooms?

There are plenty of restrooms at the KROC Center at the start and finish. Restrooms facilities are available around Mile 2.5 (River Walk) for the Santa Run. We will also have porta-johns at the Jingle Trot finish on Hudson Street.

Do you have water stops?

On account of the expected chilly weather, we will not have a water stop mid-course. Water and hot chocolate will be given out at the finish lines.


What's going on after the race?

Post race activities include refreshments and awards at the KROC Center, and refreshments for humans and canines at the Jingle Trot finish on Hudson Street.

When and where is the Kids Run?

Sorry, we don’t have a Kids Run per se, but our costume contest and post race activities are for kids from “1 to 92”.


What happens if you have to cancel the event?

If we have to cancel the event due to severe weather, emergencies, or other safety issues, we will not give refunds but will offer discounts for next year’s race. Giveaways and souvenirs will be given out to all registrants or put at a location where registrants can pick them up at their convenience.

Can I participate with a baby jogger or stroller?

Yes. Running with a baby jogger or walking with a baby stroller is allowed. Please start toward the back and yield the right-of-way to faster runners.

Can I run with my dog in the Santa Run?

YES, dogs are allowed in the Santa Run 5K but we encourage you to enter them in the Jingle Trot instead. They will have immensely more fun hanging out with their dog friends! Also you’ll miss the Jingle Trot costume contest and your pooch won’t get a cool dog bandana!

Where can I pick up unclaimed souvenirs or awards?

Unclaimed souvenirs and awards will be taken to Run In at 1942 Augusta Street. They will be available for you to pick up starting on Wednesday morning after the race and will be kept on the premises for around three weeks. Later they will disappear to the backroom at GTC headquarters, the donation box at Goodwill, or the huge junk pile at the race director’s house. Sorry, we don’t mail out leftover souvenirs or awards.


Greenville's Favorite Holiday Run

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